After dissuading people from buying social media followers, here I am doing the same thing to those who buy email lists. For this one, I will go hard (blunt) on you. I’m sorry(sobs).

Don’t buy that email list; it is a waste of everyone’s time. This is what I tell folks who ask me if it is ideal to buy any.

Although, it is cheap and affords you ready-made potential customers. But, how do you feel when you see your mailbox filled with so many unsolicited emails? Personally, I feel agitated. It’s just like you got a key to my house from someone I once gave the key to and I’ve probably forgotten I gave him, but he sold the key to you and you come into my house to market your product or service. “Hey, are you high or something? I can kill you at this very moment and at this very spot”. Arrrrgggggghhh! Now, I’m done ranting.

But seriously, that’s exactly how I feel. Enough of how I feel.

Again, that’s from the receiver’s perspective. Buying e-mail lists proves to be a waste of your precious time. The annoying thing is that you are not wasting your time alone, but mine as well.

Take this, you will lose a lot of money because, how are you sure the lists are your target audience? What if you are trying to sell your Digital marketing Guide (your product) to a 50 years old doctor who does not even know what you mean?

Let’s take this ride already!


 Unfortunately, this is what happens most times when you buy these lists. Undoubtedly, every list was built from scratch and often times, the e-mail addresses were gotten voluntarily.

A sport blogger might have built the list which contains sport enthusiast. Then the blog closed down and he tries selling some of his assets off, the e-mail list inclusive.

You, a political blogger, buys off the lists from him and start to use it. Talk about putting a square peg in a round hole, this effort is going be futile at the end.

It is not economically feasible, because you are spending money on your email campaign trying to sell your product to people who don’t need it at all.

The conversion rate is often too low to justify the money spent on the campaign. You are wasting your time (fair enough) and money (no no no, ‘stopeeeeeeet’, it’s not good).

Of a truth, building your email list by yourself is the best way to solve this problem. If you are not lazy, I’ve written a guide on how to build an email list at a low cost.


Foolishly, when some of these emails where being gathered, no one took the pain of verifying if they are genuine or not.

These are included in the list being sold to you and you ignorantly use it until you ruin all your efforts. Most email campaign platforms will penalize you severely if you have invalid emails on your list, you may be ejected out of their platform.

A very big minus this is to you. Avoid it.


Once your email keeps ending in the spam folders of people, your IP address may be banned. Some people like me who don’t take shit will actually do the stress of marking your email as a spam.

Imagine if 30% of people on your lists mark your message as a spam, you are as good as doomed.

To keep sanity on their platform, email service providers may just block your IP off and consequently, no one will get your message anymore.


I am in no way disputing the fact that you may be genuine, real and have no bad intention, but still your online reputation may get ruined.

Probably, you are already successful and becoming a big name in the online market, this opens you up for attacks. The easiest way you can be attacked is by looking for loopholes in your activities, and if buying email lists is one of them, my guy, it can be disastrous.

One yeye blogger can just write a post about how you keep sending unsolicited emails to people, which is true by the way.

And you know how people respect their privacy and how toxic online folks can be, especially judges in Twitter Court of Law, (sigh) it’s not worth the stress.

Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing the right way.


Honestly, don’t yinmu at me o. This is very true. Maybe you never heard of a man in California who makes a living by suing email spammers. Dude already raked in over one million dollars doing this. If you don’t want to be forced to pay a fine, Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Although, I doubt if there is any law like CAN-SPAM Act in Africa, else get ready to be sued.


The benefits of building your email list legitimately is great and saves you from a lot of stress. A simple mistake with your email marketing can completely ruin your entire Online marketing strategy, please don’t joke with it.

If CAN-SPAM Act actually exists in your country, in all sincerity, can you be sued? Or, how many people are you gonna sue?

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