The first step in any local SEO campaign is to lay claim to the business and get it verified (so that others don’t infringe on the brand value or name of the company). For this you need to get on Google My Business (GMB) and get a ranking boost on Google Maps, Local Finder, and organic rankings.

Today we take a look at the optimization strategies to implement this in order to leverage the immense prowess of GMB.

Google my business (GMB) site optimization

Here are some tweaks you need to make to accurately optimize the site for GMB.

  •     Set your primary button as ‘call now’ or ‘make appointment’.

  •     Ensure that the keywords are present on the headline.

  •     Ensure that some variation of the keyword is present on the description.

  •     Add 2 to 3 keyword-rich articles for the primary keyword.

  •     Link this “my business site” to your main site.

  •     Add local or niche related outbound links.

  •     Click on Google updates ==> Review updates to remove any incorrect information.


  •     Make sure that every article and blog post has its own URL. This will be important for interlinking.

  •     Each post can be an entry point for link building.

  •     Each post can be linked together to pass the page rank to your main website.

  •     You should link the 1st post to your main website and subsequent posts to the previous post.

  •     Add an image and call to action for better results.

    Here are some ideas for your post

  •  If you have an event, webinar, or conference, create an event post and let the world know about the start/end date and the relevant details. Make sure to create a link to the registration page.

  • For discounts and sales, create a ‘sale’ event post.

  • If you have a high performing blog post, write a mini-description and a link to the post.

  • For online retailers, they can display the image of a hot selling product and add a link to the purchase page.

Link Building

  • GMB sites can be iframed into the main website, press release, web 2.0 profiles etc. with iframes, it becomes easy to read reviews and publish answers.

  • Tiered links can be pointed at the pages with iframes.

  • You can also target the URLs of the post of your GMB site for link building.

  • You can also target the jump URLs of your GMB site for link building.

Booking button

This is another valuable organic search enabler within GMB. The reason behind it is not difficult to understand. The customers get to book an appointment to your business without leaving Google and visiting another site. 

For this, you need to ensure that you have an integrated scheduling software bundled up with your business being based on appointments (e.g. Dentists or beauty parlors).

Here is a list of scheduling service providers pre-approved by Google

Steps to enable local SEO

An entity document is the underlying feature that affects local SEO ranking. This document can be in the form of a review, main website, or a GMB website. The more the number of entity documents your brand has, the more it scores on the “knowledge graph”. 

Why go for local link building?

These reasons aptly depict why local link building is a great local SEO enabler.

  • The link-based score of the authoritative document can be a factor in determining the local prominence score.

  • Total number of these referring documents can be a factor in determining the local prominence score.

  • The highest link-based score of these referring documents can be a factor in determining the local prominence score.

  • The numbers of inbound links towards these referring documents can be a factor in determining the local prominence score.

  • Using anchor texts with the links improves the authoritative score.


With these steps, you can ensure that your brand gets a distinct prominence on local search and better SERP rankings when users search for businesses like yours.

Do you know how to create your Google My Business profile?

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