Most of the things I have written about are basically topics on SEO and Digital Marketing. Recently, I thought to myself: “Hey bro, why are you not telling the story of how you ventured into writing, how you got your first gig, how you amazed your second client that he decided to double the amount he should pay, how you made some stupid mistakes you are still not proud of?”. Yea, f**k it, I have decided to talk about this cool aspect of my hustle.

If you don’t know what I do, you can check this page to get a hint on it. I will be releasing this story in batches and I really hope you pick up one or two things that will be of value to you. Although, I was planning to combine these experiences into an EBook for my readers, let’s see how far we can go first.

How did I become a content writer?

Naturally, I found writing very easy for me. I never find it difficult to express my thoughts into a well written piece. What I didn’t know was that I could get paid for this. But, how? Well, I didn’t know either until I attended some seminars.

One cold morning, with nowhere to go, my sweet cousin called me and showed me a seminar that was coming up at VI (Victoria Island) Lagos. Damn, I stay on the mainland and it was 8am already, the program was scheduled to start by 9am barring any form of African time. If you are familiar with Lagos well, you will know the first thing that crossed my mind was the traffic especially the one I would encounter on the 3rd mainland bridge. Heck, I dread traffic so much. As usual, the African time crept in and the program didn’t start until it was past 10 that morning. Anyways, I was not too late.

The program was to last for 3 days and I attended all. The major thing I picked from that program was the information on how the world is going digital and how you can harness this to grow your business.We were taught a lot of things on digital marketing and as an inquisitive lad, I continued learning even after the program.

The coming week,my cousin showed me another one that will be coming up at Ikeja (Radisson Hotel). I attended this one too and it was very awesome. Throughout this time, I was already taking some courses online (Emarketing) and reading cool stuff about digital marketing. I even started learning at Google Digital Garage.

Then, I sat down one day and asked myself; “What can I do for now with ease?”. It didn’t take long before I could answer that question. Writing! Yes. It is definitely writing. Trust me, I dug deeper into it to understand how that part of the world runs. I was scared.

Most of the resources I got advised that every writer that wants to be successful must have a niche. In case you don’t know, I designed this blog myself. I am just giving you a heads-up that I am a web developer. I write codes too (wink). I learnt a lot of shit about SEO during my quest to start a blog that I even decided to offer a gig on Fiverr. Trust me, I got a client and she gave me a not-too-bad review. That’s by the way. In essence, I know about SEO very well and I also attended some couple of seminars on Digital Marketing, actually, it was 2.

That’s the niche I’m gonna pick, I said to myself. That was easy right?

Well, the real deal started happening when I was trying to market myself. The rate I was being offered by “people who don’t know my worth” was heartbreaking. Also, getting my money into my account was a battle I faced for a long time. Oh God, I haven’t forgotten the rippers that were trying to get 60% of my PayPal funds. You know PayPal is banned in Nigeria, you can only send money, you can not receive any fund with your paypal fund. It was a terrible stumbling block I later conquered.

In the coming series, I will show you the steps I took to get my first client. Surprisingly, my first client was a Nigerian. And the second one too. hahaha. They paid quite well too.

Are you still contemplating if you should write?

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