Recently, I’ve been constantly visiting the websites of different hosting companies, because I wanted to change my web host. The one I am presently on has a lot of downtime and the load time is slower than normal. We all know the effect of that on my SEO.

During this period, something happened. Immediately I visited these sites and left, they followed me everywhere till date. By everywhere, I meant everywhere I visit on the web, I find them there.

Advertisements is a very popular term and companies invest so much on it. In fact, some big companies invest millions of naira on advertisement every month because of the kind of return it’s likely to bring in.

Check it out!

namecheap retargeting screenshot
namecheap retargeting

 siteground retargeting  screenshot
siteground retargeting

Those 2 screenshots were taken on a website I visited where Google ads is active. I kept seeing their ads on other sites too.


Retargeting is a form of marketing where ads are displayed to visitors who came to your website but did not complete the call-to-action. Your browser drops a cookie which is used to track other sites you visit and the ads will be displayed to you there in a bid to get you to come back and complete the CTA (The CTA can be anything, most times, it is about making a purchase).

Because I needed a new host I visited quite a number of hosting service websites, but didn’t make any purchase since most of them are quite too expensive for my small blog. Now, they are on my neck to come back and buy from them.

Do you know why this form of advertising is very effective? Well, the ads are not displayed randomly to random people who you feel will need your product or service. Instead, it is shown to me, a person that has shown interest in their product, because I was on the verge of making a purchase, although, I didn’t.

It is important to note that, not only Google ads use retargeting. Other social sites do too, for example facebook. You can try searching consistently for a particular term or service or product on Facebook. Relax and see what Facebook will bring to your news feed. Try it out.


Remarketing and Retargeting are used interchangeably a as if they mean the same thing. Technically, they are both the same thing- same goal, different approach. While retargeting works for displaying ads to prospective customers who did not complete the CTA on your site, Remarketing, on the other hand, uses email campaigns to re-engage customers or prospective customers. For instance, have you ever abandoned a purchasing process before? Like an abandoned cart on an ecommerce store.

Maybe I forgot to show you this at the beginning. Check it out!

bluehost remarketing screenshot
bluehost remarketing

You can see I truly visited a lot of these hosting websites, and I am still being followed everywhere. I don’t know how far I went through their sales funnel, but I was compelled to drop my email address through which I was asked to come back and complete what I am doing.

Remarketing can also be the email you get reminding you of your subscription that is about to expire. It may even be sent after you have made a purchase prompting you to buy more at a discount.

Whichever way it is, it only occur in your inbox. If it’s not, then it is not remarketing.


Remarketing is done in the mailbox using existing email list but Retargeting is done on browsers using cookies. The thing they both have in common is that they compel people to come back and complete the CTA that was abandoned.

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