Digital marketing has evolved over the years, humans behaviours are changing, new digital channels are springing up, new challenges are arising hence the need to approach digital marketing with a new tactic. 

Of course, there are many methods through which goods and services are marketed to consumers digitally, and they are cost efficient. The PPC, Social media marketing, Email marketing, content marketing, etc. are still the major backbone of digital marketing, but there are some very little tweaks of the existing ones here and there as well as some big additions.

In this piece, I will be focusing on 3 tweaks as well as one big addition (Artificial Intelligence- AI). The next big things in digital marketing are:

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is another shot at visual content. Before now, we have always known how powerful visual contents are and their impact on marketing. According to Jeff Bullas, “Facebook posts with images also drive more engagement than those without any images. In fact, they get almost 40% more interaction.” This statistics is for normal facebook posts seen on the news feed of the users.

Facebook introduced stories into its social platform (on March 28th, 2017) like it’s present on Snapchat and Instagram. Now, Facebook stories has about 500 million daily users and the figure is steadily rising each day. With facebook story ads, you can get a 15-second video ads, 5-second image ads, and 45-second (aggregate) Carousel ads wedged between the organic stories of your friends and family. 

How is this awesome? We all know that like Google, Facebook has a lot of information about their users. Because of their over 1 billion users, that is a big asset. Armed with this information, Facebook is able to display your ads in the stories of users who are well targeted and determined. As a result, because of the powerful nature of visual content, it will be easier to catch the attention of prospective customers without breaking a sweat. 

My friend, a micro-influencer, is really hyping the the importance of Facebook stories as well as Instagram stories. With these 2 platforms, he was able to easily catch the attention of big brands (personality) that he wouldn’t have been able to do.

Instagram Stories

Like Facebook stories, Instagram stories also exist and it was launched first before Facebook stories (August, 2016) before the launch of live stories in November of the same year. Well, coincidentally, Instagram stories too has a whopping daily users of about 500 million like Facebook. In fact, Whatsapp, another platform owned by Facebook, also has 500 million daily users. Only Snapchat has less than 200 million daily users. You shouldn’t be surprised if I say Snapchat actually invented stories before Facebook jumped on the innovation, when its quest to acquire Snapchat failed. You can check the list of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook here.

On these 2 platforms (Facebook and Instagram), stories are always given front-and-center prominence on BOTH Facebook and Instagram consequently, your message will never get lost in the news feed of the users.

Source: shortstack

Also, because of the large numbers of daily users of Instagram stories, digital marketers are devising new ways to engage with prospective clients using the different means made available by Instagram stories. You can check this post by Will Blunt to see the different ways Instagram stories is being used by digital marketers.

Instagram itself has other avenues that can be utilized by digital marketers, especially the IGTV and the new carousels for store owners on their platform. You really have to start using Instagram and Facebook more, especially since the two platforms are seamlessly integrated into one another and you can easily host your ads on both platform using Facebook Ad Manager.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots seemed to be the first benefit of AI to digital marketing, but now, AI is able to automate most of the digital marketing activities done by a lot of marketers. AI is able to carry out effective data analysis and to adapt to input, this making AI to take over the human role of identifying marketing trends more accurately.

The list of things you can do with AI is long and increasing everyday: Chatbots, Website builders, enhanced shopping experience, personalized product recommendations, etc. Artificial intelligence is simply creating more avenues for digital marketers to design self learning bots or machines that will be able to efficiently collect and analyze data to accurately determine the needs of the users and how to meet them.

AI is the future!

Facebook Messenger Marketing Bot

The open rate of Facebook messenger messages is between 50-80% and it has always been so. The issue making it quite difficult for marketers to effectively utilize this platform is the lack of a perfect tool to manage this task.

MobileMonkey, a name you must have heard of, is a Facebook Messenger automated marketing bot that help big marketers like Neil, Brian, etc. to optimally mine the marketing goodies (Facebook users- potential clients) buried in Facebook.

Already, Facebook has over a billion active users and the number keeps growing every single day.

You should definitely try it out too.

Final Thought

Digital marketing has evolved and is constantly evolving, if you don’t move with the trend, your methods will become obsolete and less effective. Only those who are able to learn the new art will forever be able to constantly bridge the gap between products and prospective users or services and prospective clients. After all, what is the main goal of marketing? Is it not to drive sales?

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