Hello there! I will be starting a new series on this blog on Top Stories About SEO. It will be released weekly and will basically contain a curation of top SEO news, events, hacks, etc that happened during the week.  Each series will be released on Sunday on every new week.

This blog is focused on SEO, Blogging and Digital Marketing, hence, I will be majorly picking SEO news that relates to those subjects and even point out how they are related. I hope you are ready for this, because I am going to be consistent with this new series and will make sure you don’t miss out on any SEO happenings. 

Like me, if you are an ardent follower of big SEO blogs, trust me, I will bring the news you missed here and you can catch up right here. I will create a new subscribers’ list, and I will implore that you subscribe for this mailing list so that you will be the first to get these aggregated news. I will be sending them specially to you! (winks).

Okay! I guess that is introductory enough. What do I have for you today? Hang on!

Google nofollow links ranking changed

You know Google initially obeyed this html attribute that stops Google bots from visiting that link. There is this punishment Google mete out to blogs that link to suspicious websites and you have to manually disavow most of these links. This is why, by default, every link posted in the comment section is a no follow type. In fact, most blogs won’t allow you to post any link in the comment section.

Now that Google is saying that it will no longer obey this directive at all times, does that mean you will get punished for unknowingly linking to spam sites? I do a lot of guest posting either for my blog or as a freelancer, and most blog owners will insist on making every blog linked to in the article a nofollow one. I don’t blame them at all, because even if the site is not spammy today, who knows what will happen to it in the future? Maybe the domain expired and someone bought it and converted it to a link farm. That will be tragic!

How can this new change benefit you? As a guest blogger, you will start getting the link equity you deserve. Yea, I can see that big smile on your face. Blog owners? Well, there is really no known benefit for us as at now, but we hope one pops up. For now, we should brace up for more spammers. The only big winners for this new change are the link builders. Don’t be scared, you still don’t need to go through the stress of disavowing nofollow links.

There are now 2 additional types of link attribution; sponsored and UGC (User generated Content on forums). Check out this infographic from moz for more insight.

Source: Moz

Lazy-Loading Plugin for WordPress designed by Google

To enhance site speed, bloggers try to activate the lazy-loading feature for images and iframes, but we often do this using custom javascript which may affect the site speed by itself. Now, Google has released a plugin for wordpress users that you can just install on your blog. This plugin will automatically activate“loading” attribute with a value of “lazy.” for all the images on your blog and you have to do nothing other than just installing the plugin.

As a matter of fact, the custom javascript thingy is out of the equation. Although, it may fall back to this for browsers that do not yet support native lazy-loading. It claims the javascript will be highly optimized with minimal effect on your site speed. If Google says so, I guess we must believe Google.

You can check the new plugin out – Native Lazyload.

Google Launches a New Search Console

The new search console has been around for a while now, but Google left us with option to still continue to use the old one because that’s what we are very familiar with. I guess we adapt to changes slowly. 

Now, Google has left us with no choice has is has officially launched the new Search Console and finally taken away the old one. Some of the tools on the old console are not being ported to the new one and I am gonna miss them a lot. For instance, the “Fetch as Google” feature.

You can check this screenshot to see their comparison of the two consoles.

Source: Adlift

What are your thoughts on these? 

I hope SEO will be good this week. Happy new week!

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